Saturday, November 16, 2013

What does the farmer say???

BESIDES HARVEST, 2013, WAS FINISHED ON 11/14/13!!!!!!!

This is what the farmer says:  (parody of "What does the fox say?")

Monday, November 11, 2013

Getting Close to the End!

Lynn says we have about 150 acres left.  Not a great crop this year because of the drought. The corn is a little wet and drying has been a pain and expensive.  For those of you unfamiliar, there are bins for drying with fans and a dealybob in there to stir it.  After it gets dry, it is moved to another bin by way of tractors, wagons, and augers.  Augers are like elevators that take it to the top of the bin and dump it in.  I wonder if I've posted any pictures of that on this blog.  ?? 

Dumping on the go

Field monitor
Don't get too excited, it only says 209 bu/acre because he had to stop and back up to unplug.  It figures by the speed you are going, too, so since he wasn't moving at the time and the corn was still running through it looks real good!  On this photo, we had only been most of the way around the field as you can see from the photo.  What is lit up is where we had been.  The arrow was where we were when this photo was taken.  It all fills in in colors according to how the yield was in that area. 

did not load  :(

Dark areas are where the corn died during the hot, dry spell.  Not much corn in thoes areas.

Beavers had been busy

They eat the corn and haul the stalks


I can't imagine how they live here, but okay....

This one was taken from the same spot, only to the left.

old as mold

Rental tractor

Chuck's old Allis

 Kelly's supper

Always fixin'

gotcha, Kelly!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Pasture No More

Rather sad as our last pasture is being turned to crop land.  No more cows and calving in the spring.  No more romping calves in the morning sun.  :(

These girls would love some of that baby food...

Curious calves

Kelly filling the creep feeder for the little ones