Tuesday, October 23, 2012


I missed a good picture!  The graincart was full of grain and it rained.  It sank quite a ways into the mud.  Nice to have some rain!  (Hopefully, I won't have to get the stupid mower out again!)

There are just a few acres of corn left and we just can't get them done.  Taking some corn into Amaizing Energy in Denison, an ethanol plant. 

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Had a little rain today, so they aren't in the field yet, but will be back here when they do get started.  Sun is trying to peek out and it's just damp, so I reckon they'll be going soon.  Been loading hogs out and hauling manure, too.  That's an old photo of the manure tank.  I'll update maybe later today.  The sprayer picture was selected for a local calendar for 2012.  It was fun seeing one of my photos in print. 

Saturday, October 13, 2012


Well, alrighty then!  Just getting started on this blogging thing that Chuck and Jan Moore turned us onto.  Hope it's as easy as they say!  (I see an HTML tab over there and that's scaring the bageebers outta me!)  (Is that in the Scrabble dictionary, Jan?) 

So this is my first post.  Chuck and Jan were over for supper tonight.  NY strips turned out nice and tough and dry, darnit.  But we had a great time, regardless! 

Didn't rain much today so back to the field tomorrow, I'm pretty sure.