Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Got 'Er Dun!

Yesterday, 11/4/15, we finished harvest!  With smiles on our faces, we went out for a well deserved steak at Charlie's.

 Fixing  :(  

Sweet!  TY, Culvers! 

  Patched 8 pairs of overalls and now need to patch  fingers!!!

Came over the hill to this! Somebody had a very bad day!
Yes! Putting away the head!

  Windy, so the leaves are about gone.  :(

Who would come to work with a broken leg?

Same guy who drives a jag to work!

Combine head caught fire twice!

No treat?  Take that!

Tiling the Thompson farm

Soooooo GOOD TO BE DONE!  

Monday, October 12, 2015

Carry on.....

Plenty of breakdowns this fall, but it went well yesterday.  Parker got to visit and rode with Grandpa in the truck.  He loved it as he could actually see out the windows.  Kids love spring planting and fall harvest.  Someday I will ask Lynn some questions so I have more to offer than just fluff!

Sampling the soybeans to test moisture.

Dumping beans at the coop...

Parker digs Grandpa's truck.

Fertilizer is kept here.

How you know if someone is in front of you!

Wasn't happy about me visiting.

Poor thing should have been shorn this year.  Not ours!  We don't do sheep.

Hawks love fieldwork. Sends the rodents out.

Shorts with big pockets on a hot day!

Grandpa and Parker checked out the creek.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Combining Has Begun

Yup!  How creative is that??  Combining has begun!  Last year at this time Lynn was fighting with downed crops because of a late summer storm--the one that tipped over our neighbors' campers at Yellowsmoke.  We had only a small tear on an awning.  Hoping for better yields this year since it will be easier to combine.  Last year at this time we were finished with beans.  This year we are only in the second field.  They are slower drying this year.

Kelly is combining in these photos and Morgan got her first ride with him.

Our other farm from inside the combine....

Home place...

And other random stuff....