Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Getting Nowhere Fast

Dang!  Had a bunch of pictures for you and stuff and there was a glitch in the system!  I just decided to try again as we need to get ahold of our landlords, Chuch and Jan, ASAP!  Call when you get this. 

Anyway, rain, rain, rain!  The grass is tall and I can't even mow as it's too muddy.  Got a great new mower, though, and it's been F U N!  Springs on all fours makes a pretty nice ride on this bumpy earth! 

Here are some photos I've been working on that I took in the yard, anyway.  I could be washing windows, but....naw!!!  (please remember that my photos are my property and not to be shared or used in any way)

  Morel mushrooms!

Calla Lily 

  Reflections on an Ozark Spring

Dandelions are pretty, too!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

One thing we can depend on: CHANGE!

How quickly it happens.  That's why farmers work so hard when it's nice.  You never know what Mother Nature has in store!

new life

 finally planting

friendly neighbors

 crazy birds!

and then it came to a stop!