Friday, October 7, 2016

Almost a Year Later--I'M BAAACK!!!

Wow, are we getting old fast 'er what???  I can't believe it's been almost a year since I updated this blog!!! 

Anyway, we got started about 2 weeks ago on beans, however, it's been very slow as the beans just aren't drying.  A little mist and they soak it right up.  As usual, it seems, just starting out we break down quite a bit.  Already had a small fire in the back of the combine on a windy day, of course.  Those little sparks ignite that fine dust and it spreads like.....wildfire!  But we got really lucky as they managed to get it out right away.  I'm good at starting fires.  Ask Lynn.  I can light one match and call the fire department in 20 minutes!  LOL! 

So far it looks like a record crop this year.  We have been so fortunate.  It started out cool and rainy and then got super hot and dry.  I had to water trees that had been in the ground for a couple of years as the leaves were shriveling.  The beans and corn looked so dry and the rain came just in the nick of time with fairly regular rains after that. 

I will work on the photos.  This one is on the "Missouri" farm just southeast of our house which you can see on the upper right.

Kelly called this morning and told me to bring my camera over.  There were three bald eagles hunting over the fields.  I felt pretty privileged as I got this beautiful photo of the majestic bird with our house in the background!

Check these young dudes out:  :D

I call this photo "The Faith of a Farmer"

AARP is going to publish this on their site and send me a little bag of goodies.  :D 

Oh, and he switched to the corn head as the beans are just too wet!                                                        

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